Story of Tribana

We are the Urban Tribes. We carry our identity on our sleeves. We live life on our own terms. We defy the diktat and create our own frequencies. We are proud of our roots and of where we belong. We wander and as we do so, our identities become an amalgamation of various cultures. We take a piece of every place along with us as we discover new horizons. The world may get more divided by its boundaries but the Urban Tribes continue to travel and continue to culturally blend with the next one. The Urban Tribes continue to discover newer pastures, learn a new story, read a new chapter, discover a new tune, write a new lyric, paint a new stroke.

 Tribana is an abode to modern nomads or the urban tribes who are born into a cross cultural world and who appreciate the luxe-handiwork of artisanal products. We are a counterculture created from an amalgamation of Indian crafts and the contemporary aesthetics loved by our GLOCAL audience. We engage various cultural aesthetics to create handcrafted luxury. 

Our products

Through our products, we portray:

Cultural dialogue | Engage producer communities | Craft-infused aesthetic | Aboriginal roots | Superior quality | Erase borders

Our approach

100% handcrafted | 100% sustainable |Ethically sourced

Our Stories

Craft handiwork | Lives of producer groups | Lifestyle of modern nomads | Visual essay of the world

Our technology

Aims to connect artisans to our urban tribes| Depict the process of craft to the world

Our causes

We stand for:

Women empowerment  | Sustainable practices in manufacturing | Dignity of labour

Tribana brings to you stylish, sustainable products that are also drivers of social & environmental change.


Who do we work with?

We work with government-sponsored craft clusters, craft-based not-for-profits, small enterprises run by skilled artisans and small manufacturers who fall under our ethical standards.

How are we GLOCAL?

We are proud to say that our design aesthetics appeal to universal patrons of craft. But it is still reminiscent of the local culture it is derived from. Our community is exhaustive, from the local grass-root artisan to the jet-setting global consumer, our product travels through miles. 

Where do we source from?

Traveling to far-flung places, meeting new communities and spending a significant amount of time with them, not only gives us a perspective on the lives they lead and their complex challenges but also inspires us to make inclusive decisions that mutually benefit us.

Traveling to the origin of products also helps us design better! Our products not only derive from local aesthetic influences, but sometimes even fuse artistic theories of various places very distinct from one another.